Is the Blockchain ready to transfigure the supply chain ?

Given consumers’ growing expectations, traceability and safety become more and more important. The supply chain, fundamental to our organizations, is no exception.

Every step in transportation relies on a property transfer, thus on a responsibility transfer. Those actions have been recorded and traced for decades but, sometimes in a heterogeneous fashion which may have complexified communication.

Blockchain technology, built in 2008 with Bitcoin, is a hot topic in the supply chain world. Blockchain is a data storing, certifying and transmission technology. Its main advantages are :

  • Traceability, which is ensured by recording every transaction in a decentralized database. Authenticity is therfore guaranteed, assuming that the data recorded in the first place were true.
  • Responsibility evidence, thanks to the protected data of the transactions.
  • Paperwork and time reduction, due to limited confirmation exchanges between suppliers and clients.

On the other hand, and most importantly, humans remain the critical success factor since they are in charge of the first data recorded.

Whitin its network TSE, DGS has applied those principles since 1993. We provide transparency and safety thanks to :

DGS transports bets continuously on tech innovations in order to give the best service to its customers. We will soon unveil the tech we recently chose to ensure an even stronger traceability over our complete chain.