may 8th

DGS and its networks will operate on May 8th.

This year, the 19th week’s layout is unusual. Indeed, there are two public holidays in this week :
  • On May 8th, we will commemorate the end of the second world war.
  • On May 10th, we will celebrate the Ascension.

Those public holidays usually imply a complete stop of heavy goods vehicle in France, from the previous at 10pm until the evening at the same time.
In order to avoid a 4 days stop which would undoubtedly penalize the economic activity of our country, the Ministry in charge of transportation took action. A decree allows heavy goods vehicles’ traffic on May 8th in France.

Fexibility being key at DGS, we will stay open on May 8th and receive our international partners’ trucks which will exceptionally drive in France !
Our network will be fully functional on this May 8th to ensure an optimal and continuous service.
Fore more informations, please contact us.