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[Focus] : Our Track & Trace system

For more than 15 years, DGS has offered a Track & Trace web portal providing various functionalities such as transport ordering and dispatches tracking.

Among our customers, those who can send computerized exchange data or other types of data benefit from automatic dispatch features linked to their professional softwares.

With our system, you can print labels and load documents, including the notifications of hazardous materials. Therefore, our customers avoid investing in specialized softwares usually required to complete those tasks.

Then you can follow every dispatching with real-time statuses (picked up, estimated date of delivery, delivery in progress and delivered) and detailed temporal data. Finally, once the delivery is completed, the signed receipt will be downloadable and serve as a proof of delivery (POD). Thus, traceability is guaranteed at each step of the process.

Furthermore, your addresses’ database can be saved, you can join additional files and, of course, download your invoices. In other words, save time and be efficient in managing your sendings !

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