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[Focus] : Video devoted to traceability !

Traceability, a key element at DGS

Last April, we announced there the arrival of new technologies at DGS. For 35 years, we have been innovating with systems improving both traceability and customer service : Track&Trace, EDI, process …

An innovative concept

DGS is one of the very first companies operating in France with an innovative video recording and traceability system. This advanced tool allows our staff to proceed to a quick video tracking on the transit platform, the data being saved for a month.  Furthermore, the tool allows a live viewing of all the freight present on the platform !

The system relies on the GPS tracking of each scanner, paired with more than 60 cameras allocated on the platform.

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Even more innovative, a specific add-on proceeds to automatic measurements of the merchandises, thus optimizing and enhancing the loading process.

This technical breakthrough, associated with our already proven systems used in the network, shall give even more faster and efficient answers to our customers and partners.

Benefit from our state-of-the-art infrastructure and give your logistics a boost, contact us !