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This month’s top stories : Back-to-work season, new partnerships, a new video and more

The top stories of September from DGS and the road transport field, right here for you.

We start this month’s top stories with a sunny back-to-work season. Actually, we sincerely hope that our advices on how to get back to work smoothly have been helpful !


The transport sector has been experiencing a regular growth recently, and so did DGS with the announcement of new partnerships with two major european companies :


We often remind it to you ; DGS is a family business, independent and held at human scale. Who better than our employees to tell you about their role in our main service ? (Re)discover our 24h distribution service in Ile-de-France in this video in which our employees are the storytellers.


This month has been lively for the transport sector, namely with this study published by the Land Development and Urban Planning Institute of Ile-de-France, and also a pact in favor of the enhancement of Paris’ future metropolis.


September came with some shades, though. A vignette is in talks and might arrive in early 2019 to tax all trucks on french roads.

actualités taxe poids-lourds

Finally, we shall end this month’s top stories with the showcase of this concept vehicle , quite radical and intended to operate in highly-repetitive conditions.

See you in a few weeks for another month’s top stories !