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Spend a day inside the trucking service !

Why not spend a day inside the trucking service with Julien ?

Because we are proud of our staff members and the work they accomplish every day, we give you the opportunity to get an inside look.
After 12 years at DGS, Julien has held every spot at the trucking service. Drivers and the rest of the team can rely on his experience in order to have smooth operations on a daily basis, even on rush hours.  Let him take you through his typical day :

“The process starts with a delivery sorting, a check of the delayed appointments and the permanent appointments asked by some customers.  Then, we build a tour and assign it to the drivers specialized in their own areas. The same goes for the picking tours. This first bureaucratic phase is done in the early hours : indeed, we start at 3 a.m to make sure everything is ready for 8 a.m departures. Arranging the tour is the driver’s responsibility and freedom.

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We support the drivers during their process of merchandises’ picking and also truck loading. Having around forty trucks leaving our warehouse every morning, this part is quite demanding because the whole day depends on it!service camionnage trucking service dgs transports

Once loading is completed, we can get back to managing the tours and their striking events : reassignments, delays, etc. This is also the handover moment with the delivery staff. Actually, they are in charge of overseeing the appointments and deliveries.

The daily aim is to make sure undelivered merchandises are nought. This goes by a cautious preparation, a solid knowledge of Ile-de-France and a huge amount of reactivity.  Maintaining composure in front of unexpected events is also a major asset towards that goal.”