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FOCUS : TSE network, a star system.

The TSE network : beginnings and ambitions

The TSE Network (a french acronym for Star Transport System) was created to fulfill the customers’s need to exchange with all the french departments. From the very beginning, this partnership between independent transporters and local distribution specialists allowed all of them to benefit from a strong synergy. The aim was to guarantee to every customer a continuous level of quality service from the first handling to the delivery and a complete traceability of parcels and pallets.

The national network’s set-up

To accomplish those goals, an organization based on a star pattern came up : 9 regionals platforms, including our hub in Ile-de-France, are linked by the exchanges between 78 delivery sites representing the middle echelon. In the end, all of the 95 french departments (excl. overseas departments) are fully served by the freight forwarding and distribution network.

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To this day, 81 members contribute by handing dispatches in to the network or distributing them to the consignees. The network aims to be flexible and simple to preserve the assets of its members : reactivity and specialization.

In return, the partners benefit from higher volumes to transport and distribute in their areas. Thus, from January to July 2018, almost 390 000 handling units (parcels, pallets, etc.), accounting for 26 000 tons, transited through DGS’ hub thanks to the TSE network. Therefore, our platform connects dozens of french lines to those coming from our European partners 24/7.

What about the future ?

The demand coming from individuals and companies is growing but it also fluctuates. The TSE network relies on computerized data exchanges to handle those fluctuations and give detailed feedbacks (notifications, tracking service and proof of delivery) to customers and consignees.

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In order to absorb the growing demand of freight forwarding, in terms of volume and pace, the network must pursue its expansion. To do so, TSE is looking for independent companies operating in France and eager to develop their activity.