DGS & Softbox Systems

DGS partners with Softbox Sytems

As we often like to say, DGS Transports is and must remain in movement. After spending more than 30 years transporting goods in France, the company opened itself to the broader Europe in 2014. Joining the European transport network Cargoline was a bold move for the family-owned company and to this day, probably the strongest.

In 2018, DGS launched a new logistics service to transport a new range of specialist products. Launched as a project for a historic customer of DGS, the service has been slowly opened to others. Softbox Systems, a global temperature control packaging company for the Pharmaceutical industry, joined the service after a 2-year transport partnership. Softbox Systems produces and sells a variety of temperature control packaging solutions; from parcel shippers and pallet shippers, to thermal covers.

New activities, same dedication

In need to ensure improved lead times, the service that DGS provided to Softbox Systems had multiple benefits :

  • Flexible rack space to store different product sizes, including large items.
  • A powerful and precise software capable of managing products at all levels (units, parcels, pallets).
  • Detailed procedures for each operation.
  • A warehouse located on the same site as the transport platform, for better lead times.

logistics DGS transports SOFTBOX SYSTEMS

The first Softbox’s products arrived in our warehouse in June 2019, and all their stock information was available on the web portal where the customer could see their stock availability in real time.

In order to give more flexibility to the customer, the system was set to allow both complete and partial pallets shipments. The partnership grew step by step, thus giving DGS serious knowledge on the products’ particularities and the customer’s habits.

This successful collaboration has given Softbox the confidence to extend the range of products stored and transported by DGS Transports to the French and European customers.