Chartering – LTL & FTL

Chartering for the LTL/ FTL loads more than 6 pallets to France & Europe :

DGS Transports offer a dedicated chartering and forwarding service made by a wide range of regional haulage and transport companies.

From and to Paris area, France or Europe, our team will provide you the best and fitted solution, with competitive rates.

DGS Transports commits to provide you solutions for :

  • Part loads / Less than a Truck Loads (LTL)
  • Full Truck Loads (FTL)af
  • Express deliveries
  • Extra size deliveries (length, pallets with height more than 2.20 meters etc..)
  • Fair, exhibiitons
  • Handling on the consignee place

DGS partners have been validated by many years of experiences and successfull operations.

Our team commitss to propose a solution and a rate within 1 hour.