Domestic and International network

As a domestic and international transportation transport operator, DGS have his own groupage network, made by independant companies in France and Europe. Each partners are connected on a daily basis to and from the hub of Limeil Brévannes, allowing DGS to get a high number of direct lines and to propose an european transport solution with a limited number of crossdocking operations.

Relations between each partners are organized and controlled with network agreements and rules, where DGS have an important position.

TSE network, France within 24h/48h :

TSE is a french network made by independant companies and partners, specialized on distribution for each areas of France and acting like local heroes.logo-tse

  • 81 independant members which are doing the distribution and inputing freight in the network 
  • 8 board members, meeting each other each 6 month
  • 9 regional hubs
  • 78 distribution hubs
  • Synergy of delivering the loose goods (parcels etc…) and pallets in the same network and with the same partners
  • A global EDI standard and TMS to optimize the information of delivery (IOD) and proof of delivery (POD)

TSE is looking for new partners : You are an independant company spacialized in groupage, feel free to contact us !


CARGOLINE Network, Europe from France with daily departures :

DGS Transports is the french exclusive member for Paris area of CARGOLINE network and commit with the partners to cover the whole Europe.

Throughout his network CARGOLINE, made by independant companies which are all locals heroes in their repective countries, DGS offer a global european covering with short transit times :


  • Daily departures from DGS to our european partners hubs
  • From parcel to pallets
  • Integrated Track and trace all over Europe

CARGOLINE, it is :

  • 47 partners in Germany
  • 54 partners in Europe
  • 15.000 shipments on a daily basis
  • 7.200 employees working for CARGOLINE partners

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