Distribution and groupage in France is the main activity of DGS. The domestic network and transport plan of DGS was built 30 years ago, and is still working verry well.

For shipments to France up to 6 pallets :

DGS Transports provide from the hub of Limeil Brévannes and to France :

  • Lead times 24h to 48hfrance
  • 51 daily domestic departures / lines
  • 180 tons daily shipped
  • 1000 domestic shipments daily shipped
  • The same lines and distribution partner for parcels and pallets
  • A global and efficient track and trace system integrated : Apointment dates, advises when the shipments are loaded in the distribution trailer, confirmation of delivery etc…

DGS is a leading member of TSE Network (Trans System Etoile)

TSE is a French network made by independant regional distribution companies, all connected with DGS Limeil Brévannes hub.

The vision of DGS is to limit the loading and unloading (crossdocking) operations by providing a maximum numbers of direct lines. The main assets of this system are :

  • Optimization of the delivey times by limiting the risk of delays on the hub
  • Decreasing the risk of loss by limiting the number of transits
  • Decreasing the risk of damages by limiting the crossdocking operations

Click here to download our delivery time map.